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Cost Effective

Environmentally Friendly

Heli Portable


GroundTruth’s GT RAB Drill is a Rotary Air Blast Drill. It uses compressed air to actuate the down the hole hammer and is equipped with rubber tracks.


Our ultra-portable GT RAB Drill is capable of reaching depths of up to 100m in a 12 hour drilling shift.


Our GT RAB Drill has been
designed to drill a wide range
of angles, anywhere between
-50 to -90 degrees. Due to it
being highly mobile it only
requires narrow trails and is
movable through various
terrain. No drill pad is
generally required, so ground
moves are quick and easy.
And because our system only
uses pressurised air to drill,
access to water is not a



  • Length: 2.5m (96”)
  • Width: 1.25m (48”)
  • Height: 1.2m (50”)
  • Weight: 1540kg (3400lbs)
  • Pullback Force: 7350kg (16,200lbs)
  • Working angle: -50° to -90°
  • Ground Pressure: 1.8 psi
  • 44hp Turbo Engine Wireless
  • Remote-Controlled Tracks
  • 3 sling loads with Astar B2 helicopter to move the drill
  • On average 10 sling loads to move a drill site
  • 20L average Sample return per 5ft of drilling
  • Rock chip returns of up to 1/4″


The GT RAB Drill is a wireless remote-controlled rubber tracked platform with a hydraulic tilting mast assembly and rotary drill head. The GT RAB Drill has 1.24 square meters of track coverage which gives it, its low ground pressure and excellent flotation. This allows it to minimize impact and be very maneuverable over the terrain. The entire unit is powered only by a 44hp diesel engine making it very fuel efficient.


GroundTruth offers onsite XRF analysis to give real-time geo-chem results at the drill site. GroundTruth also provides satellite internet communication in order to deliver the results directly to our clients. In addition, GroundTruth offers Televiewer services to create an oriented digital core giving our clients another tool to determine lithology and structure interfaces. Traditional methods working together with modern technology – a step forward in drilling technique that is part of the GroundTruth Method


The tracked GT RAB Drill is an extremely cost-effective and versatile drilling solution. GroundTruth has improved the RAB system by increasing mobility and reducing weight to excel in remote drilling locations. The Drill is capable of drilling up to 100m in a 12 hour shift on angles up to -50 degrees. The tracks allow to move between holes, saving costs of helicopter slinging for moves within 500m of the compressor. Set-up is extremely fast: The GT RAB Drill is self-leveling and no water lines are required. The drill relies on a stationary heli-portable 300/200 compressor. To minimize move costs, the compressor is placed in a central location where it can reach multiple targets before needing to be moved. Because of all this, the GT RAB Drill can be operated at a fraction of the cost of traditional diamond drilling in remote locations.